Teenage Dirtbag.

Hey there. My name is Jessa. I totally never find good Harry fanfics so I've started my own. I'll try my hardest to update every day. I'm pretty busy with my job. Still trying to format this on here. Sorry there's no paragraphs... My theme is weird. I do not support Larry.

I may or may not be taking all of the chapters down, editing them, and reuploading ;) Stay tuned. 


I just read this omg. 

Chapter 17. 

Chapter 17.

Chapter 17. 

Harry’s POV. 

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I swear it I find any of your paragraphs on someone else's thing I'll flip. this is my ultimate fave! don't worry l, I gotchu girl!!xx

Awww, you’re a sweetie. Thanks. Xx. :)

I feel really bad for the Larry shippers who committed suicide. I’m not sure what happened… But in all honesty, everyone is taking everything too far and I pray for this fandom. There are ALWAYS going to be people who hate us. People who hate the boys. As a fandom- A family… Don’t take hate to heart. If so, the boys would be long gone by now. They would have never made it this far. SO many people said they couldn’t make it. Although I don’t support Larry or Larry shippers, I do support living nice. As ALL of you should. Yes, I do get angry at Larry posts… Everyone has ‘feelz.’ That’s how it goes. Please help each other and keep this fandom under control. If you love something, you can’t strangle it. I don’t want to lose the boys as a band anytime soon. I know none of you do, either. We all need them and love them and adore them. And being sort of crazy is a good thing. Keep the stalking on the down-low, guys. We’re making us look bad. Tehe.

it's no problem <33 ,xx

Chapter is up! Xx. :)

Aww :'( Love your writing....! :)

Thank you so much. <3

Happy Anniversary/Birthday of three years, babies. You’ve changed my life forever. Thank YOU for all that you’ve done. Can’t wait for the rest of the years. You’ve made it fun. I started out in love with Harry on X Factor, screaming for him to win. I fell in love with five beautiful boys, instead. Started from the bottom, now you’re here. From the bottom of the stairs… To the top of the charts… Top of the WORLD. WE LOVE YOU, ONE DIRECTION. Your ONE direction was UP. And I also mean that in the dirtiest way possible. ;) Ooops.

Love it...

Sweet! :)