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Hey there. My name is Jessa. I totally never find good Harry fanfics so I've started my own. I'll try my hardest to update every day. I'm pretty busy with my job. Still trying to format this on here. Sorry there's no paragraphs... My theme is weird. I do not support Larry.

Chapter 21. Part 2.

I woke up before her the next morning. One more night in our little “tiki hut.” I pushed her bangs out of her eyes and kissed her forehead.
"I’ll love you ‘til the end."
After making sure my whispers didn’t wake her up, I got up to set up breakfast. A hotel down the street was our caterer… We were really roughing it.
The sunrise was a beautiful mix of oranges and reds. I couldn’t want for (y/n) to wake up to it. Sunrise and sunset… Her favorite times of the day. I was too focused on the time inbetween, with her. She was my sunrise. How cheesey.
When returning with waffles, eggs, and bacon, my lovely wife was taking pictures on the beach. I sat down everything inside and ran to her.

I tackled her, taking her camera.
"You’re goofy, Mrs. Styles. Your husband went to hunt you breakfast. Let’s eat."
"No butts. Let’s go for a walk."
I picked her up then bent over, instructing her to hop on my back. That was secretly one of her most favorite things.
"Where to, miss?"
"The stars!"
"Wow, lame. This isn’t the Titanic."
She nuzzled her head into the side of my shoulder.
"I really do love you, (Y/N)."
"I really do love you, too."
"Ya mean it?"
She paused.
"…. Your hand fits in mine like it’s made just for me."
She tightened her legs around my body. Immediate hand kisses.
"Are you still worried about tour?"
"Of course. Who wouldn’t be? Raising a baby without you around 24/7 is going to be hard."
"Mum will help you. You know that."
"I want you around."
"And I will be. Whenever you want me around."
"I just-"
I let down and turned for a hug.
"What is it?"
"I’m afraid."
"Of the dark."
"Of a lot more than the dark."
"You trust me. I trust you. We’re married. We have a beautiful child."
"People with children cheat. People with rings cheat."
"Do you think I would?"
"Well, no."
"Then what?"
"Things happen, Hare."
"But not to us. I vowed to you that I would never do anything like that to you. I LOVE you. Everything about you."
"But what about in clubs? What about when girls mob you? What about when you’re drunk and Niall has to carry you out of the bar? What about when he isn’t there?"
"(Y/N) I promise to you that nothing would ever happen."
"But all of those girls…"
"Yeah, and I have the two beautifuliest girls ever ever to call MY girls."
"Do you ever think this happened too fast?"
"Second day of marriage and you’re already callin’ it quits."
I pouted. That always got a laugh out of her.
"It’s hard being married to a superstar when you aren’t a superstar."
"Hey, hey, hey. None of this ‘I’m just another girl’ rubbish. You are the girl. I know for sure."
"You changed my mind on everything in life. Relationships for the public didn’t matter to me anymore. A real one did. Sure, publicity was great for the band. ‘HARRY DATES CRAZY BLONDE CHICK.’ ‘HARRY AND BLONDE CHICK BREAK UP.’ ‘HARRY FUCKS MODEL.’ Who cares? The media confuses everyone’s feelings up and makes you question everything. But with you, it’s never been about that. It’s been planning when I can see you again. Planning phone calls. Planning trips. Planning our wedding. Making your dreams come true which are somehow the same dreams as me. That’s how I know."
"I love you ‘til the end."
Her grip on my hand tightened as we walked hand in hand up to our little tiki hut. I couldn’t wait to get a house of our own. To start a life. I kept pushing the tour out of my mind. As much as I loved touring… I had a baby and a wife to be with. So many questions kept popping around in my head. Would Zayn and Perrie finally get married and have kids? How can we all tour and enjoy our time together if we have ties back home? A family? Everything was piled up in a far corner. Everything drifted the moment (y/n) kissed me. She kept my feet on the ground constantly in life. I could never thank her enough for that.

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Chapter 21.
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